Mung Bean Seeds (Sprout)

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Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds (NOT to TAS)

Selection from 200g to 2kg

Sprouts from organic mung beans are crunchy, delicious and healthy. A staple of Chinese cooking, they go great in sprouting mixes, salads, soups and more. 

Mung Bean Sprout Seed is excellent for sprouts & sprouting, food storage, soup, cooking, oriental recipes & garden seed. Mung bean seeds are one of our most popular sprouting seed/beans. 

How to sprout Mung Bean Seeds   

Soak your mung beans for about 12 hours in cold water. Then drain the water away and rinse them with fresh, cold water. 

Put the beans in your sprouter (or a stainless-steel container with drainage holes). 

If using a container, place a rack inside it so that air circulates and any water drains away from the beans.

Put a ceramic plate on top of the beans so that the plate presses down on them (no weight at this point). 

Put a cover over the sprouter or container to prevent light from reaching the beans. 

Twice a day (morning and evening) remove the cover and plate. Then rinse the beans/sprouts under cold running water for a few minutes. Allow the water to drain away, then replace the plate and cover. 

On the third day place a weight on top of the plate and keep covered. 

Continue rinsing twice a day (remove the plate, weight and cover prior to rinsing, them put them back after rinsing). 

The sprouts should be ready in about five days


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