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Squash (Pumpkin/ Winter Squash) Baby Green Hubbard - 7 Seeds

Green Hubbard is a Winter Squash that produces 17cm long oblong, tear-shaped fruits. The outer skin of this variety is bumpy and thick, with a dark green colour. The inner flesh is a golden yellow and sweet, making it perfect for baking and steaming as well. 

Green Hubbard fruits weigh up to 2.7kg on compact vines. The plants themselves grow 30 to 60 cm tall and will vine outward, taking up about 2m of garden space. Your Green Hubbard Squash will be ready for harvesting in roughly 105 days. It is a good keeper and stores up to 6 months. It is a good keeper and stores up to 6 months. 

Care & Growing Notes 

Squash (pumpkin) needs full sun, rich fertile soil and warm temperatures. Best germination result at 21-35°C soil temperature. 

Start seeds inside during early Spring. Suggest using a seedling heat mat or artificial warmth source or cover the seed tray with cling wrap, if you are living in temperate and cold zones of Australia (e.g Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and 200-300kms surrounding areas).  Even if you are not living above areas, follow the weather, if it remains cooler than the given range, you are suggested to use provided approach. 

Failure to maintain provided soil temperature result in delayed or failed germination. 

Plant outside only when the weather is warm and settled and night temperatures stay above 17°C to 20°C consistently. Make slightly mounded growing hills 2 to3 feet apart. Sow seeds 15-20cm deep, 120cm apart, 4 seeds in clump. Thin seedlings to leave the 2 strongest plants per hill so vines will have room to grow and mature.


Customer Reviews

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Bud Beaty

Of course this time of year wr live in anticipation of spring, but thankful the seeds ordered have arrived and share out frugally with friends. I'm sure the quality and quantity will equal the quality of your friendly, prompt personal service to ambitious Gardner's.
Blessings with thanks, Bud

Belinda Riley

Great service, fast delivery.

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