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Squash (Pumpkin/ Winter Squash) - Sweet Dumpling - 10 Seeds

This tiny winter squash weighs in at an average of 200gms and is a favourite for roasting whole. It is pumpkin-shaped and has white skin with green striping. 

Winter squash such as Sweet Dumpling comes from the Native Americans, developed and cultivated in their gardens long before the arrival of the explorers and settlers. Traditionally, Sweet Dumpling squash seed was grown alongside beans and corn as part of the "three sisters" group; these three vegetables greatly benefit each others' growth. One of the sweetest available, this tiny green striped squash is often used for stuffing, individual squashes, or as an unusual serving dish. 

These winter squash seeds for sale will grow squashes suitable for any table and any home gardeners. 

Care & Growing Notes

Squash (pumpkin) needs full sun, rich fertile soil and warm temperatures. Best germination result at 21-35°C soil temperature. 

Start seeds inside during early Spring. Suggest using a seedling heat mat or artificial warmth source or cover the seed tray with cling wrap, if you are living in temperate and cold zones of Australia (e.g Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and 200-300kms surrounding areas).  Even if you are not living above areas, follow the weather, if it remains cooler than the given range, you are suggested to use provided approach. 

Failure to maintain provided soil temperature result in delayed or failed germination. 

Plant outside only when the weather is warm and settled and night temperatures stay above 17°C to 20°C consistently. Make slightly mounded growing hills 2 to3 feet apart. Sow seeds 15-20cm deep, 120cm apart, 4 seeds in clump. Thin seedlings to leave the 2 strongest plants per hill so vines will have room to grow and mature. 


Squashes can be harvested as soon as the stem begins to dry and the skin becomes too hard to pierce with a fingernail. Because cold weather can damage squashes, they should be harvested before the first frost. Cut the stem with a sharp knife, leaving a 6-10cm length. Do not carry the squash by the stem; if the stem breaks off, use it as soon as possible, since this causes the squash to deteriorate quickly. Cure the squashes in the sun or a dry location until the stem shrivels; do not wash the ones you intend to store.


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Happy gardener
Sweet Dumpling

These have just come through the ground and hoping they will be as good as our last crop.

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