Sugar Beet seeds

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SUGAR BEET - 30 Seeds

(Beta vulgaris crassa) 

This variety is a plant where the root contains a high concentration of sucrose. It is grown commercially for sugar production. Sugar beet is hardy biennial plants that can be grown commercially in a wide variety of temperate climates. During its first growing season, it produces a large storage root. Grown for a sugar substitute only. This beet can be roasted for a very sweet flavour. 

Sow seeds direct 5cm apart and thin to 15cms apart. Beets can reach 1-2kg. Keep plants moist and avoid drying soil out.  Roots can be eaten as small beet in a salad or when larger in soups or pasties. Boil diced roots to extract the sugar content. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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