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Sunflower Sunbird – 20 Seeds

(Helianthus annuus)

This sunflower variety produces large grey striped sunflower seeds which are perfect for birds and poultry. Grows a giant 2-2.5 metres tall, has a large yellow face & is drought tolerant. It is one of the old-time favourites for the garden & the face is known to follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Easy to grow & great for bees. 

The seeds are edible and deliciously nutty, each head will bring hundreds of seeds. Nip the leaves on the lower stem to make the plant grow taller. Feed the birds morning and evening, the bees all day and give yourself a nutritious snack & something beautiful to look at.


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Jodi B
Brightened my colleagues' day

I work in a mental health service in Victoria where my colleagues and I have been responding to our communities increased mental health needs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We created 250 wellbeing bags for the staff, which included a packet of Sunflower - sunbird seeds. The seeds were delivered in cute little individual bags with 20 seeds in each, delivery was quick and nurturing the flowers has brightened our days and given us a little bit of time in the fresh air for some respite. Feeling blue – think green(thumb)!

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J.A Carne
SUNFLOWER - Sunbird seeds

yay i have sunflowers.... so lovely, i ordered more of diff colour cant wait to plant them.

gail iannazzo

cant review as i think they have all been washed away in the storms very sad

Great service

Got my order quickly, seeds where well packaged and ckearly labeled . Ive only just planted them this week so waiting excittedly to see them come up.


Seeds arrived promptly and after planting some a few weeks ago I have 10 various sunflower seedlings growing.

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