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Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix – 10 Seeds

(Lathyrus odoratus)

Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix produces large flowers on long stems. This early flowering variety can withstand heat and drought unusually well. A mix of deep rose, rose pink, salmon, scarlet, white, lavender, medium blue, and deep burgundy produces well into the summer. 

Sweet Peas are an old-fashioned flower that both experts and beginners chose for their gardens. They are a good starter flower when learning to grow flowers from seed because their seeds are large, and usually, they germinate easily. 

How to Sow: Sow direct in Summer & Autumn at 25mm deep, 15cm apart, Seedling emerge in 2-3 weeks @ 15-18°C. Hardy annual. Support may be needed to protect the plant from unexpected windy conditions. 90-100 days for flowering.


Customer Reviews

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Mel Snell
Great quality

fantastical germination rate and healthy seedlings

Brian Young
Happy Customer .

My wife and I were very pleased with the service we received from your company. We purchased our Sweet Pea seeds from you last year and where happy with the out come so we doubled up this year. Again we had a good strike rate so no doubt we will continue to use your services through out the 22 season . Thank you Brian and Eveline Young.

Sylvia Shafton


Heather Corbett
Mammoth Sweet Peas

I have not yet planted these seeds, but plan on doing so shortly. I was unaware I could plant sweet peas at this time of the year in Victoria, but am going to give them a trial run in the next day or so.

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