SWEETPEA - Multiflora Colorama Mixed seeds

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Sweet Pea Multiflora Colorama Mixed – 10 Seeds

(Lathyrus odoratus) 

Sweet Pea Multiflora Colorama Mixed  Early Multiflora is the sweet pea for winter bloom in mild climates with fragrant flowers. Then, sumptuous flowers start unfurling their light sweet fragrance! 

Sweet Peas are an old-fashioned flower that both experts and beginners chose for their gardens. They are a good starter flower when learning to grow flowers from seed because their seeds are large, and usually, they germinate easily. 

How to Sow: Sow direct in Summer & Autumn at 25mm deep, 15cm apart, Seedling emerge in 2-3 weeks @ 15-18°C. Hardy annual. Support may be needed to protect the plant from unexpected windy conditions. 90-100 days for flowering.


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