TARRAGON - Russian seeds

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TARRAGON ‘Russian’ 10+ seeds

(Artemisia dracunculoides)


Perennial to 1.5m. Tea helps overcome insomnia. Dry sunny position. Sow after frost.


Tarragon makes one of the most versatile of herb vinegars and is often used in mustards and butters. It adds a fresh, herbal fragrance to mushrooms, artichokes and ragouts of summer vegetables, with tomatoes it is almost as good as basil. Use tarragon in moderation and it will enhance the flavour of other herbs.

Tarragon stimulates the appetite and digestive process. An infusion or tea made of Tarragon ease flatulence and intestinal distension and also helps to overcome insomnia.
Leaves are rich in essential Iodine, Vitamins A and C as well as trace elements and beneficial mineral salts. In time gone by chewing the root of Tarragon was claimed to cure toothache.


Propagation notes will be supplied with seed packet.



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