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TATSOI Black Knight - 60 Heirloom Seeds 

Tatsoi Black Knight is exceptionally dark green with a singularly mild flavour. Tatsoi is native to China and is considered an ancient Asian green. It is a small, low growing plant with spoon-shaped leaves. Like all Chinese brassicas, Tatsoi germinates and grows quickly which means multiple harvests can be had from a single plant. 

It thrives in fertile nitrogen-rich soil, but with good composting, will adapt to loamy and sandy soils. Watering regularly is critical to good growth. 

Tatsoi tolerates cold better than heat and grows best if sown in late summer to autumn. It is hardy to frost. 

Tatsoi is generally disease-free, but pests like slugs and insects love the tender leaves. Cabbage worms, cabbage loopers and flea beetles can riddle the leaves with holes during spring. 

Companion plants: Beetroot, carrot, peas and other greens like mustard, kale, mizuna, spinach and marjoram. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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