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TATSOI Green Leaf - 100+ Heirloom Seeds

(Brassica campestris narinosa) 

The name comes from Mandarin (塌棵菜 tā kē cài). It is also called Chinese flat cabbage, rosette pakchoi or broadbeaked mustard, spoon mustard, or spinach mustard. Cantonese transliterations include tatsoi, tat Choy. 

A distinctly different kind of Asian green, TATSOI is a small, spoon-shaped green that delivers a unique flavour experience. A stocky plant similar to bok choy, tatsoi is native to China, where it is believed to have been cultivated since 500 AD. 

A dependable source of vitamins in cool winter months, the dark, green leaves of this squat plant can often be found poking out from beneath a blanket of snow on cooler regions. Tatsoi is modest in size, but it is extremely cold tolerant withstanding temperatures down to -5 °C! Tatsoi tends to grow low to the ground when planted in autumn for winter harvests, responding to cool temperatures and hunkering down to tolerate the cold. These greens are typically harvested several times with a sharp knife, low at the base, and are ideal for ‘cut-and-come’ again harvesting. Seeds are typically planted just after the last frost for spring planting (Planting before the last frost will result in premature bolting). Those spring-sown greens will grow more upright than their winter counterparts but are just as suitable for several harvests. To ensure a steady supply all year long, tatsoi is succession planted from spring through autumn. 

Tatsoi can be harvested in every stage, from microgreen to baby leaf and mature heads; Tatsoi is also a heat-tolerant green. The mild, mustard flavoured tatsoi is a staple in Asian soups and stirs fry. Still, it should be noted that this mild green is versatile enough to be considered a spinach substitute, excellent eaten raw, especially in salad mixes. When cooked, the greens are added at the very end to retain their delicate flavour and crunch. Tatsoi is an excellent addition to salad blends adding a crunchy, texture element. 

Work this cold-hardy green into your autumn garden lineup, enjoying the benefits of potent, homegrown nutrition all winter long. This delightful, antique Asian green will shine through the toughest winters, bringing a healthy dose of those much-needed vitamins and minerals.


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