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Thyme - 100 Seeds

(Thymus vulgaris

Thymus vulgaris, commonly called garden thyme or common thyme, is a generally upright, woody-based perennial primarily grown as a culinary herb in herb gardens. Numerous, somewhat woody stems grow upward to form a foliage mound 15-30cm tall. Stems are clothed with tiny, linear to elliptic, pointed, grey-green leaves, distinctively revolute (leaf margins are rolled under). Leaves are highly aromatic (reaching their peak just before plants flower). They are frequently used fresh or dried as a seasoning in various culinary applications, including soups, stews, sauces, meat and fish dishes. Whorls of tiny, tubular, lilac flowers appear on the stem ends in late spring to early summer. Flowers are attractive to bees. Plants are evergreen in mild winters. 

Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun. Loose, sandy or rocky soils with excellent drainage are best. Drought is tolerant. Dislikes wet soils where it tends to rot. Cut back plants to limit woody growth or to stimulate new growth. Harvest leaves throughout the summer as needed. Plants tend to become overly woody and loose after several years, so replacement should be considered. 

Best in herb gardens or vegetable gardens. However, the foliage has excellent ornamental value, and plants can also be effectively grown in rock gardens or border fronts. It may be grown indoors in pots in a sunny kitchen window. 

Evergreen to 30cm. Fine flavoured culinary herb, leaves used in vinegar for meat, fish and soups—aromatic oil. Deters cabbage moth attracts bees. Tea to prevent mildew. Likes dry, sunny spot. Sow after frost. 

Thymus vulgaris is touted as a natural treatment for the following health conditions:








    Ear Infections


    Menstrual Cramps

    Premenstrual Syndrome

    Sore Throat

    Whooping Cough 

Thymus vulgaris is also purported to stimulate the immune system, improve liver health and reduce pain. When essential oil of Thymus vulgaris is applied to the scalp, it is said to promote hair growth and help treat alopecia areata. It is also thought to prevent cavities. Thymus vulgaris is also sometimes used in commercial mouthwashes to fight bad breath.


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THYME - Summer seeds

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THYME - Summer seeds

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