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Tillage Radish (Untreated, Chemical-Free Seeds)

Raphanus sativus

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The one & only! Tillage radish is a daikon variety of radish with large green leaves and a deep penetrating taproot that grows to 90cm. 

  • It helps reduce soil compaction.
  • Ideal for breaking up hard soils in the vegetable patch
  • Quick germination. Tillage Radish is also a short term fodder option (10-12 weeks), with first grazing in about 5-6 weeks and 2-3 grazings possible before maturity.
  • Weed suppression
  • Scavenges nutrients. Drought hardy, lower-risk option due to the energy reserves available in the tuber and its ability to access subsoil moisture and nutrients.
  • Tillage Radish produces very palatable feed, suitable for all cattle and sheep.
  • Maximum fodder and tuber development occur when sown in January to Feb, although it can also be sown in autumn and spring to provide quick feed options.

This is the ONLY cover crop radish proven to increase the yields… corn yields up 10%, bean yields up 11% and many more. University tested and proven for over 10 years.


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