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TOMATO Black Cherry - 15 Seeds

Heirloom, Colour coated seeds

Be careful... Once you try this Tomato 'Black Cherry’ you won't stop! 

Black Cherry is really the only truly black cherry tomato. The Black Cherry tomato plant will produce huge yields in clusters of 3-5cm, round, deep mahogany brownish-black, almost black tomatoes.

Black Cherry is an irresistibly delicious treat with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavours that burst in your mouth.

Make a bowlful of multicoloured tiny cherry tomato salads during Summer and Autumn months. The plant produces abundant tomatoes – give away friends, family or neighbours – or freeze them up for the winter months! 

This is an INDETERMINATE variety and as such this variety requires a staking or climbing frame. 


Tomato Growing Instructions & Care 

Tomatoes are a warm season, frost-tender annual plants. Seeds require a warm soil of between 18 - 28°C to germinate. Sowing at too low a temperature will cause delayed or failed germination. 

When to Sow

Temperate Area: sow in early spring - either inside with extra bottom heat by using a bottom heat propagator, behind a sunny window or on top of a hot water system; if sowing outside wait until all frost danger has passed and the soil is warm. Generally, if starting tomato seeds inside then begin 6 to 8 weeks before the last expected frost date in your area. By sowing early there will be time for a good crop to be produced before the first frost in winter.

Subtropical Area: sow March - October in frost-free areas

Tropical Area: sow late April - July.

Hot & Humid Area: On extremely hot days tomatoes can literally 'cook' on the vine and turn to mush. Tomatoes also can suffer sunburn; a white shade cloth cover can help reduce heat stress on the plants. The hardiest tomatoes for hot and humid conditions are Cherry and Roma types. For a round tomato Tropic is a good choice as it is disease resistant. 

Seed Sowing & Care

Sow 6 mm deep into seed raising mix in seedling pots or trays. Germination takes 7 - 14 days. Liquid feed the seedlings once germinated. Seedlings are ready to transplant when the 2nd set of 'true' leaves appear. During seedling development make sure the seedlings are not crowded and receive strong light. Seedlings become leggy (etiolated) with weak stems if the light is insufficient or if they are too crowded. The best seedlings have strong, stout stems.

Seedlings should be planted out in a full sun position after all frost danger has passed. 

Plant in rows 90 cm apart with 45 - 60 cm between plants.

Transplant by planting seedlings deeper, up to the first set of 'true' leaves, first carefully removing the seed leaves. This speed up fruit production and increases root depth. 

Grow in a fertile, well-drained garden bed with a soil pH 5.8 - 7. Prepare the soil by adding compost. If stakes are required, then put them at the same time as transplanting takes place to avoid later root disturbance. Providing support to keep fruit clear of the ground helps keep fruit clean and prevents slug and snail damage. Mulch the plants well. Keep well fertilized and evenly watered. 

Fertilizer: Tomatoes are generally heavy feeders, requiring soil rich in organic matter and nutrients. Tomatoes planted in minimally fertile soils should be regularly fertilized to keep their N-P-K levels consistent. Excessive nitrogen produces fast green growth but inhibits fruiting. Keeping this in mind, choose a fertilizer that's low in nitrogen levels and higher in phosphorus and potassium. Examples of suitable N-P-K ratios for tomatoes include 8-32-16 and 6-24-24.


Protect fruit from fruit fly with PestGuard Bags.

Avoid planting in garden beds that have grown tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums or eggplants recently.  We do not recommend pruning as it reduces yields but it can be useful in making plants much easier to stake. 

For blemish-free fruit provide adequate spacing, thin out excess growth for good airflow and water consistently. 

A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience.



Customer Reviews

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Happy Customer
Strong Fast Growing Plants.

First time ever growing tomatoes and have picked these seeds. I did order my seeds on september 2021 and now they are big fast growing plants. I did have a problem with powdery mildew but no blight yet. 😁

First time growing black Cherry tomatoes

I was fascinated by the name and now have several seedlings growing in the greenhouse. I am in a cold zone so still too small to plant out. I am looking forward to picking fruit from my plants.

Troy Lowe
Great Seller

Quick turn around great price, got some freebies. Haven't planted yet so cant confirm germination rates. Was a little disappointed about the number of seeds in many packs but this is the first time I have ordered at those prices and after checking with others found it to be normal. I think I would prefer to pay more and receive more or at least have that option as some packs prob don't have enough for me for a season.

Emmy Jo
Black tomatoes

Seeds have germinated quickly, producing strong little plants, can’t wait for them to produce fruit

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