TURNIP Seeds - Assorted 2 Packs


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Assorted Turnips - 2 Packs - 100+ Seeds

 (Brassica rapa) 

2 Varieties, 2 Separate packets with sowing instructions

This is a great value purchase of two POPULAR Heirloom Turnip varieties.

You will receive the following variety in a separate pack along with prorogation notes.  

  1. (V-782) Turnip Golden Globe (50 Seeds)
  2. (V-785) Turnip Purple Top White Globe (50 Seeds)

Turnip Plants perform best in well-tilled soil with good drainage that has been amended with some organic material.  Turnips are a cool-season crop; roots become strong flavoured and woody in prolonged heat.  Sow directly to the garden in early spring where summers remain cool.  In warm climates, sow in late summer for an autumn crop allowing 6-8 weeks before the first expected hard frost.


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