WALLFLOWER - Cloth of Gold - Golden-Yellow seeds

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Wallflower Cloth of Gold - Golden-Yellow – 65 Seeds

(Cheiranthus cheiri)

An ancient and popular variety with sweetly scented rich golden-yellow flowers. 40cm plant height. 

How to Grow Wallflowers from Seed

To achieve the best effect with Wallflowers, plant them in large drifts rather than dotted here or there individually. Planted along the edge of a path, they are a delight, and of course, their heady honeyed fragrance is an absolute joy. 

Wallflowers need to be sown well in advance. Wallflower seeds can be sown into trays or coir growing pellets and should germinate within 10 to 21 days at 18 -21C before being grown on in individual 10cm pots. Pinching out the growing tops as you transplant them into the garden will result in bushy plants and dense flowers. 

Regular picking of flowers and dead-heading your Wallflowers is important during the warmer months to prevent them from running to seed.


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