Wormwood seeds

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WORMWOOD - 300 Seeds

(Artemisia absinthium)

Wormwood is known to be very bitter in taste, second only to Rue, which inspired the Ancients to have a saying ‘as bitter as wormwood. In traditional folklore, Wormwood was seen to be an old love charm when combined with Marigold, Thyme and Marjoram. Wormwood is a highly valued herb for ritualistic practices and historically it was seen as powerful in warding off demons. Also associated with witchcraft. Both Wormwood and Mugwort had many similar uses, but only Wormwood has a strong essential oil.

It is a very attractive garden plant with silvery foliage, good frost tolerance and shrubby habit. Wormwood's feathery, silver-green, fragrant leaves are covered in soft, silky hairs. Foliage is used fresh as filler in bouquets or dried in wreaths. Panicles of tiny, yellow flowers appear in summer. 

Wormwood is also considered a medicinal herb and is said to concentrate potassium. It has been known to repel fleas, moths and flies and can even inhibit the growth of other plants. Traditionally used to improve blood circulation. Associated with relieving indigestion, flatulence and a variety of other ailments if used in a tincture. Wormwood may be poisonous if used incorrectly, seek medical advice before taking it internally. 

Sow seeds in Sp-Au. Germination requires some care - sow on the surface of moist peat or fine seed raising mix, do not cover, light is required for germination. Keep moist at all times with a misting gun, do not let the pot sit in the water forever. Keep out of direct sunlight until germination occurs, usually within around 30 days. Soil temperature should be around 22-25℃.


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Julia Eckhard
Happy customer

Thanx muchly they’re in their little pots and showing a bit of green ,how exciting

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