BEAN - Gourmet Delight (Bush) seeds


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BUSH (DWARF,SNAP, FRENCH) BEAN - Gourmet Delight - 15 Seeds 

This variety produces heavy, well-flavored crops with long, fleshy 15cm pods which are harvested over a long period. This plant tolerates both hot and cold conditions. 

It’s a dwarf variety that is virtually stingless and doesn't need staking, so you can grow it in pots where space is limited. It’s ideal bean for freezing and half-hardy annual. 

It is also called DWARF, FRENCH or SNAP BEAN. Most popular vegetable, originally from South and Central America, cultivated 500 B.C., introduced to France by 1535. High yielding and rich in vitamins A, B & C. Use successive plantings whilst frost free. Grows well in all soils if not waterlogged. Does best in near neutral conditions. 


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