CAULIFLOWER - Multi Head seeds (F1)

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CAULIFLOWER Multi Head - 10 Seeds (F1 Hybrid)

Important - Please read before buying: We are selling ONLY 10 Cauliflower Multi Head seeds per packet for the listed price. These are specialty commercial PREMIUM hybrid seeds, which is rare and a lot expensive than open-pollinated seeds. Being a hybrid strain it is not suitable for seed saving. 


The Cauliflower Multi-Head is a cauliflower full of surprises & just surprises – perhaps never seen before!

The plant will develop one main curd similar to other cauliflower varieties and but then there will be 4-5 side curds too – that’s the bonus of mother nature! The sooner the main curd is harvested, the sooner additional curds can be harvested. 

This unique ‘cut and come again’ cauliflower provides a harvest of the main head for that family dinner, and you may keep the side heads to harvest as and when needed. It is ideal for those who like to harvest the crop in your own time. 

It takes about ten weeks from planting till harvest. The plant is about 60cm in diameter and 40cm in height. The maximum harvest is approx 2kg (please note this may vary depending upon your local growing condition, love and care). 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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Masuma Jahan

Highly recommended.They are Bestseller.very responsible,good communication.

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