DAHLIA - Red Skin Mixed seeds

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DAHLIA - Red Skin Mixed - 30 Seeds

(Dahlia pinnata) 

A dwarf compact variety of Dahlia reaching 38-40cm height & producing double flowers in a wide range of colour combinations highlighted against the dark green / bronze foliage. The enchanting bright multicoloured flowers are produced through the summer and autumn months here in Australia. It is a half-hardy perennial. Dahlia Red Skins was the winner of 1975 All American Selection (AAS). 

Dahlias add a lovely spot of colour to the spring and summer garden. They are heat resistant and are excellent for bedding plants, and make gorgeous, long-lasting cut flowers. 

Sowing Instructions

Sow dahlia seeds in spring to early summer in temperate, spring to early summer in cool climate zone, winter to spring in tropical climate zone. Sow 10mm deep. Germination in 2-3 weeks at 18-21°C. Space 30cm apart, Height 20-30cm, Flower in 115 days


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stefan Nowak

I haven’t planted the seeds yet and will do so later this year.

Paul Wilkinson

Have planted seeds inside and they have germinated, as you would expect from Happy Valley Seeds. They are now outside and so far so good.

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