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Onion Gladalan White - 50 Seeds

Seed Type: Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, NON-GMO & Treated*

The old heirloom variety that produces a medium white round bulb & store well. Can be grown as a spring onion. For mature onions harvest when the tops dry. Gladalan White is a lovely globular, and very slightly flattened, firm-fleshed onion with good keeping qualities & it’s a very reliable performer. Has a moderately mild taste and is a good all-round cooking variety. A highly regarded & adaptable variety that is well suited to most Australian onion growing regions & is a mid to early maturing variety. 

Sow 5mm deep, in rows 30cm apart. Cover with fine soil and keep moist. Thin seedlings early to 2cm and later to 10cm apart. Prepare the soil well by adding organic material and a pre-planting fertiliser. Seedlings emerge 10-14 days. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Important Note

These seeds are treated with a fungicide (Thiram), do not eat the seeds or feed them to animals. It does not affect your crops or harm insects such as bees. The seeds are strictly for propagation or growing in the garden only. The resultant crop is edible. 

Fungicide treatment is an AQIS (Biosecurity, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Government of Australia) requirement for certain seeds varieties. If your packet has been treated, it will be well marked with a warning and the seeds will be dyed a distinct colour.


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