RHUBARB - Glaskins Perpetual seeds


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Rhubarb - Glaskins Perpetual – 20 Heirloom Seeds

** Do not eat the leaves as they contain poisonous oxalic acid. ** 

This English heirloom variety was bred for early maturity and a long harvest window. Glaskin's Perpetual Rhubarb is tart but never bitter due to its naturally low oxalic acid content. If given a good early start indoors, it can be harvested (late) during the first season's growth. 

Some leaves should be left unharvested to encourage good root growth and a strong return the following summer. 

The thick, succulent stems grow 30-35cm long, with a primarily pink and green pigment and some red markings. This is the best rhubarb variety for harvesting later in the year. 

Grow it in full sun, in rich, fertile, well-drained soil. Perennial plant with bright red stems, quick-growing - can be harvested after the first year.


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