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Rocket Wild - 500 Heirloom Seeds

‘Wild' or 'Perennial' Rocket is gaining in popularity; it has narrower and more deeply divided, aromatic leaves than the annual variety. They have a more intense flavour that is sharp and clean, unlike salad rocket, which can become bitter with age in hot weather. They have so much flavour, they hardly need a dressing. 

As a perennial plant, it can be sown outdoors all year round in milder climates or given some protection in colder areas. Growing around 20cm tall it can also be grown in containers. Use as a baby leaf in salad mixes, it will “Cut and come again” two to three times. For restaurant-quality micro-greens or pesto, use wild rocket when only the finest ingredients will do. Wild rocket is thinner, darker and hotter. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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Very satisfied thank you so much

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