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SELF HEAL Prunella - 25 Seeds

(Prunella vulgaris)

With the scientific name Prunella vulgaris, Self Heal is a low growing herbaceous plant only reaching 10-30cm high. It creeps along by extending its roots as it grows to be used as a small ground cover. The leaf stalks are quite short at 5 cm long, and the leaves are positioned in opposite pairs on the tough, square red coloured stems. 

It would be taken internally as a medicinal tea for sore throats, fevers, wounds, internal bleeding and weakness of the heart and liver. Chinese herbalists considered self heal useful for changing the course of chronic disease. 

There have been studies indicating some potential as antibacterial agents and for treating other conditions. The tannins may reduce skin swelling and inflammation and have an astringent effect on the skin. The active constituents include betulinic acid, rosmarinic acid, myristic acid, and tannins. The plant also contains vitamins A, C and K and thiamine. 

A poultice may be made from the whole plant and placed on wounds to promote self-healing. It was believed during the Middle Ages to have healing properties. Knights actually carried leaves of the Self Heal plant with them to use on wounds. 

Self Heal is said to have a slightly minty taste and may be used in salads, stews, soups and teas. Traditionally the Cherokee cooked and ate the young leaves, and the Nlakapamux used to drink a cold tea infusion made from the whole plant as a common beverage. It contains vitamins A, C and K, flavonoids and rutin. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.

All information provided on this listing is for informational purposes only. Please seek professional advice before commencing any treatment.


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