SQUASH - Chilacayote (Fig-Leaf Gourd) seeds

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Squash Chilacayote - 5 Seeds

Cucurbita ficifolia 

A.k.a pie melon, gila, fig-leaf gourd, alcayota, malabar gourd, siam pumpkin, thai marrow, shark fin melon, chiverre, calabaza china, cayote, potiron cheveux d'ange, calabaza de cabello de angel, seven year melon, chiverre. 

Chilacayote is widely grown as a vegetable in Mexico and South America. It is grown for its edible seeds, fruit, and greens. Fruit skin colour is cream-white colour with green stripes and average 15-20cm long and 6kg in weight. When cooked, the flesh becomes noodle-like. Asian cuisines use it in soups and is a good substitute for the shark fin in shark fin soup. Vines are very hardy and disease resistant. The fruit stores for many months. Days to harvest: 80 - 120 days


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